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We're back!

HabTab is rebooting!

Yes you read that right!
After a lot of work, we are happy to announce to you, that once again HabTab has opened its doors to welcome all users.
No matter if what strikes your heart is the socialising, the creation of beautifull rooms or climbing the leaderboard in events or even becoming the richest users by collecting all the rares.

We here at HabTab are in no doubt that, we can offer you exactly what you are looking for!
We believe in rewarding activity of our lovely community, both the new ones and the ones that are back to enjoy their time with us.

As our goal is to create the best experience for our community, we highly encourage those of you, who has great ideas and or tips let us in on your opinions, as it helps us understand how we can optimize, upgrade and develop greatness within our walls.

That being said, let us once more take a second, to thank everyone who's back, everyone who is new, everyone who is here to enjoy a great time with us!
Welcome and thank you! 


HabTab Staff Team



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bout time

1 month ago


:3 <3

1 month ago


good good

1 month ago


We will have a great time together! <3

1 month ago